With Low Country Spices private label program, your always guaranteed that your customers will associate your store with the outstanding spice blends sold under your own label! Our in house full color label printing process guarantees that your label will look professional, stay intact and not smudge, run or fade. We use a high quality UV coated label that protects the print from adverse elements that ruin others less quality printing.

Low Minimum Order

We specialize in dealing with the small to medium sized retailers, so our minimum order size is only ONE CASE!. That’s right, now you can have all the benefits of a private label program without needing to buy huge amounts of inventory that will just sit around and go bad-order as you need it, sell it and turn it into profits, and re-order. We make it simple!

One Time Set-Up for Labels

With a one time $75 setup fee, we will either import your already designed logo onto the label or have a logo designed based on your desired product name. Then you just order your products whenever you need to, there is never an additional fee unless you change your logo.

You get all the credit

When you sell your own brand, your customers will come to associate that product with your store, and both continue to buy it and recommend it to their friends and family. Many of our customers report out of town visitors calling long distance to have product shipped because they were unable to find anything like it in their hometown. Local shoppers will return sometimes just because of your products-which means additional business for you.

It’s easy to get started

Call us at (843) 785-5558 and we’ll be happy to get your label design started. Our graphic design department can usually have your labels ready for your products within 5-7 working days.