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Spices for Meats

Is there anything better than a perfectly seasoned cut of meat, like a steak, pork chop, lamb or ribs? Low Country Spices carefully mix spices and herbs that compliment great meats. And like all of our blends, you sell it under YOUR label-giving you an identity that will bring customers back for more!  See our meat spice blends.

Spices for Poultry

We love poultry, so it only stands to reason that we’d make some wonderful blends to complement that special dish that highlights the bird of your choice.  Not found in large grocery stores, all of our blends are sold under your label, so you get the credit for a great compliment to a great meal! Take a look at our Spice Blends for Poultry

Spices for Seafood

The Low Country is known for it’s abundant seafood, so we highlight some of our best blends to compliment any fresh catch. From shrimp to grouper,  our blends are sure to provide your customers with an taste experience they will long remember and want to repeat-all under your own label and identity! View our Seafood Seasonings

Shrimp & Crab Boils

Low Country Spices brings you 4 delicious and unique Shrimp & Crab Boils, designed to compliment your shellfish. Regular, Hot Cajun, Garlic and our signature Garlic & Butter are sure to bring your customers back in over and over and increase your bottom line!  Visit our Shrimp & Crab Boil Page

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